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GTA Vice City is the most impressive game on Android and PC. The game contains impressive 3D graphics and smooth gameplay.
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GTA Vice City Mod Apk is the most impressive game on Android and PC. The game contains impressive 3D graphics and smooth gameplay. It was the first time Rock star Games launched this game on PC, and on its 10th anniversary, the developer released GTA Vice City on Android devices. Everyone was able to experience the inside of the game as real-world objects, such as traffic lights and helicopters, cars, bicycles, and so on. 


It’s an arcade category game, but it can befall in the action and strategy category as well. Some of its features, like shooting is related to Cover Fire. In GTA Mod there are living humans appear like real humans, and the 3D graphics are designed in this game. Thanks to the team behind Vice City for bringing this graphically rich action game onto Android. Since most video games with high graphics are only available on PC, the publisher has altered its initial step in launching large games on Android. When you play the game on your smartphone, then you never feel the difference.

GTA Vice City Mod Apk story

The story of GTA Mafia city began in 1980 when drugs, ragging, criminality, and other illegal activities were happening all over the world. The most famous location within GTA Vice City Mod Apk is Miami, with more missions are offered in that location. 

The main character Tommy Vercetti arrested due to an illegal drug deal’s failure. He has escaped from the jail, and police locate Tommy Vercetti at 24 hours. The reason Tommy was sent to jail is that while he was selling with a customer for drugs while a third party was in the area and was arrested by the police. Then Tommy plans to create an entirely new and reliable group to sell the drugs to clients.

GTA Vice City Gameplay

The developer of the game did a fabulous job by creating a really amazing game. Initially, the game was developed for PC, but developers analyzed the need for its android version. You can download its official version from Google Play Store. At the beginning of the game, you will have to speak with the mafia’s leader. He will then offer the opportunity to work for him.

You will take a bicycle near your home or take the vehicle from the road. Then, go to the car, and click on the enter icon. They will automatically Tommy knock on the door steal the vehicle. After they have stolen the car, you will be able to find your current location using the map. When you drive the car, you will feel that Vice City is under control. This is a fun game, don’t expect to be a criminal in the real world.

You are able to run and use an automobile to reach any location. No one can limit your personality. When you drive the car, you will be able to see the most expensive vehicles, and you can drive in high-end automobiles to anyplace. Every time and everywhere, you can see people walking and running along the sidewalk. In other words, everywhere you look, there are beautiful girls and people. The player is looking to explore the city. However, the game quickly becomes boring after the start of the game because the official version doesn’t allow you to get everything unlimited.

Free to Roam

This is why Grand Theft Auto vice city Mod Apk came into existence, where you will have all the weapons unlocked. GTA vice city helicopter is also available for you to reach anywhere quickly. This version offers you challenging and interesting missions that are unique to you. Each task was unique, and the task was not simple. Once you have completed all the missions, you’ll never tire of the game.

GTA Vice City Cleo Mod Apk is completely free to roam the city. If you’d like to be a criminal, you will need to finish your task and confront several challenges. For instance, one job is assigned from a specific area. Once you begin working on a project, police will search for you anywhere. If they find you at GTA Vice City, police have added your star. Maximum of Five stars you will get according to your crime.


If you earn one star, a police car will pursue you and you wanted to get away from the police, the stars will decrease automatically. once your star is set at five, then they will discover and attempt to murder you. Certain tasks involve shooting, and when police hear a gunshot sound, they will come to arrest you. Now it’s up to you, how would you escape from the police.

Sometimes mafia gangs of the third party try to kill you as they complete tasks. They’ll bring guns and attempt to kill you. The standard limit of your health is 100% which decreases by hitting you by gangsters or cops. In GTA Vice City, Mod Apk mafias from the third party and cops are the only opponents for you. Yes, they interrupted you while you were doing the tasks available. Do not kill cops; otherwise, you’ll get an additional star quicker. 

Amazing Features

Some of the unbelievable features the game has. We have described some of them.

 Variety of deadly weapons

The player needs to be proficient in handling the weapons. A variety of different weapons are included inside the GTA vice city jetpack. There are many weapons available however they require a significant amount of money to purchase.

If you have money, You can take advantage of the variety of weapons that are available. Some missions require weapons that can destroy the area or stop the mafia. Additionally, certain tanker missions require a high damage weapon and GTA vice city last mission; weapons are crucial to winning the game.

Excess of vehicles

Within GTA Vice City’s new version, You don’t have to purchase vehicles. Only weapons you have to buy using money. In GTA Vice City, all automobiles and luxury cars can be found by the side of the road. It is necessary to walk near the vehicle and click on enter to get In the car. Some vehicles remain in the parking area close to the building. They are completely permitted to drive for free and do not require the permission of a driver. There is a diverse range of GTA Vice City vehicles; you can use all the vehicles to go across all regions of Grand Theft Auto.

GTA Vice City for PC

Initially, the game was developed for PC, and then developers moved to its android version. You can download GTA vice city for PC from the official website for free. PC version gets an extreme level of popularity in game lovers. This is just because of the finest quality of the game. Players become addicted to this amazing game, and they start the game till GTA vice city’s last mission. All the journey till end really thrilling and challenging. You can play GTA vice city online and offline mode, both according to your choice. While playing a game, you will find GTA vice city keys to unlock many premium features.

Requirements for GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Requirements for PCGTA Vice City Requirements for Android
Minimum Operating System should be Windows XPAndroid Version 7.0 or above
Processor should be 800 MHzRAM 1GB or More
128 MB of RAMStorage should be 1.2GB
Graphic card of 32 MB with directX9.0

GTA vice city different Mods

There are some popular mods that make this game more interesting.

  1. Bodyguard Mod
  2. Ghost rider Mod
  3. GTA vice city hulk mod
  4. GTA vice city zombie mod
  5. Mod cars GTA

They all mods require GTA vice city Unlimited money and to start GTA new missions. You will also get unlimited health mod by GTA vice city health code. 

3D Graphics

Rockstar Games made GTA Vice City Mod Apk using top-quality 3D graphics. It also looked like real-world objects since everything appeared extremely real. From the beginning to the end of the game, you’ll feel as if you’re in a movie. Game scenarios inside are developed for Android players. Therefore, quality will never be compromised when you play the game. Buildings, vehicles, weapons, roads, and many other things are truly impressive to look at. If you are a fan of graphic games, don’t be going without a game.



Overall, the GTA Vice City MOD APK is a fantastic game for Android. Rockstar Games is one of the most reputable companies to develop a game that explores the world. In this game, you will have the tasks which you need to complete in order to be a criminal in Vice City. Once you begin playing this game, you will gain have an amazing experience in criminality and driving abilities from GTA vice city new cars. In our opinion, if you want unlimited fun, then GTA vice city will provide you with what you want. 



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