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Clone Armies with Unlimited Coins is a popular action game that asks you to choose a strategy and end a long-running conflict.
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Clone Armies Mod Apk with Unlimited Coins is a popular action game that asks you to choose your side, choose a strategy and end a long-running conflict. The players get to select from either red or blue armies and decide if they will be the victors or the losers. These armies each possess their unique abilities and cloning machines. Come up with strategies and use them to win massive battles. Using a combination of pure shooting action and tactical planning, Clone Armies combines a tactical and strategic army game. Personalize your base by equipping it with the right weapons. Do you favor snipers or commandos to stealthy attack the enemy, or would you prefer an attack like Rambo, or do you favor modern combat units such as guided missiles and cyborgs? Ultimately, it’s your decision; you can decide how to dominate this cartoon battlefield.

Clone Armies Mod Apk

Clone Armies Mod Apk

Clone Armies APK is a free action game from Elecube that you can play on Android phones. You can download the official version from the playstore. But if you need the unlimited version then you should download the game from our website. In terms of 2D shooters, nothing comes close to this. You have to make a difficult decision, choose your side, and end a war that has lasted for years. You can choose between red and blue, clone soldiers, stop bleeding, and clone more soldiers on each side. Choose your tactics and execute them in battles at large scales. You can choose from many units, including minigun-holding soldiers, jetpacks, and tanks. Clone Armies’ unique technology combines your creativity to solve hundreds of challenging missions. Lead your army against the enemy with a red hat and moustache!


The storyline of this game is not much different from the other games by the developers. Being an action category game its nature similar to warrior games like Netboom and Lords Mobile We aim to provide our gamers with new and unique experiences, separating us from other action games. So, they created the Clone Armies Mod APK, which contained the Q-type cartoon mini creatures and made two armies. You must select your army and create a powerful team to compete against others. It would help if you killed various armies to win challenges, win coins and money, and confirm your victory.

Features of Clone Armies MOD APK 

Join a tactical shooting game

Are you interested in playing Android games with a virtual army leader? Do you enjoy playing army shooting games? If you answer yes, you should immediately download the Clone Armies game for Android! Clone Armies involves assembling an army and completing the most challenging challenges in a shooting-based game. Isn’t this simple? The objective is to make it shorter and snappier since everyone loves Android games that feature innovative gameplay and walkthroughs!

Build Your Base

Take on your enemies, devise the best strategy, and build the most beautiful base. I imagine you’re saying, “How can a game that involves animation require strategic thinking?” You certainly have a valid question, but only for as long as you play the game. As a result, this game relies on your strategic skills, as you have to build an army and defeat your opponents. As soon as your enemies slaughter you, you can create a new soldier and a clone that can perform the past actions!

Clone Armies Mod Apk

Play Modes

As a result, you can use all your skills to entertain yourself in two different modes of play. Over 50 million Android gamers are attracted to the Clone Armies’ gaming modes, the next most influential aspect. Clone Armies is a diverse game with over three game modes and various gameplay styles and features.

Combat Loop, troop cloning

As a result, Clone Armies Mod Apk involves the player as an expert military commander. In your army are the blue forces and the red forces your enemies. Is it possible to fight with a single soldier or two? In the beginning, you should learn how to clone your soldiers and be able to fight at each stage. Guns are the weapon used most frequently. Do not be worried if you die during the battle, as your army will fight bravely. After a few seconds, you’ll have cloned your army and be ready for attack.

Struggle with strong objectives

As a result, a challenge awaits you with hundreds of levels in Clone Armies Mod Menu. Each level will bring a new competitor with strength comparable to yours. The size and strength of your army are; your competitor could be similar. Generally, your opponent will have the same level of weapons that you have. Because of that, they will be able to create significant damage. The form in which they strike will differ according to their level. You’ll find a variety of fighting techniques and exciting tactical battles waiting for you!

Additional Features for Clone Armies Mod Apk

  • Cloning combines strategy and action in a way unlike anything else.
  • Climb the leaderboard in multiplayer matches to claim prizes.
  • Open loot boxes to unlock rewards and find and improve new clones and equipment.
  • It’s easy to control.
  • Various military equipment and units.
  • The difficulty of a scenario campaign with a range of missions increases.
  • Challenges with bosses.
  • You can create infinite copies of the map in the Sandbox mode.
  • Defend a customizable base.


  • In this step, you will learn how to download the Apk and install it on an Android or iOS device.
  • All devices have problems installing it because it is an unknown file. It must be allowed in the device command section first.
  • Here’s how to check the unknown source.
  • You should first select the settings option,
  • By tapping the Security Button,
  • Allow installation from a source unknown to you and click Free Download.
Clone Armies Mod Apk


As a result, you can get the newest version of Clone Armies MOD APK free from here. The game is a blast and an exciting diversion from war. A military game with unique mechanics and intuitive controls is here. The game allows for multiple clonings until you defeat the enemy. If you have cloned the soldiers, you can join the army for unlimited cash and coins in addition to unlocking all levels. Additionally, if you think it’s a complex Android game, you can use the Clone Armies MOD APK. With the modified version, you can choose an ad-free interface or a powerful army. You can download Clone Armies MOD APK on your smartphone instantly, or if you have any questions related to this game, just leave a comment below.

Clone Armies’ most recent version is 9022.12.4. Follow the steps mentioned in the article above to download it.

Clone Armies was developed by Petr Bouzek and David imek, two Czech game developers with a common interest in gaming.

Yes, the app needs access to your device’s system. An application installer will provide you with a list of permissions necessary for it to run.



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